April 15 – 26, 2024

Legal Food Frenzy

A fundraising blitz among Alabama lawyers.

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2024 Alabama Legal Food Frenzy


Total Donations 54

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60 Million Pounds of food distributed in 2019
73.5 Million Pounds of food distributed in 2020
2019: 51 Days
10,348 Kids / 67,620 Meals
2020: 191 Days
99,762 Kids / 484,208 Meals
In Alabama, as many as 400,000 children count on their schools for at least one meal per day.

As Alabama’s school systems closed their doors and shuttered their feeding programs, our summer feeding programs stepped up to ensure children in Alabama were fed. For the first time in Alabama history, the Summer Meals Program operated for 20 weeks, reaching more than 10,000 children and serving nearly $1 million worth of meals.